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1. The instructor had gone over the problems many times before the students _____the final examination.     

A. will take

B. took     

C. take

D. would take     

答案:B 主句为过去完成时,故before引导的从句为过去时。    

2. The sports meeting _____ in October,1989.     

A. was held

B. would be held     

C. has been held

 D. were held     

答案:.A 运动会将在1989年十月举行。一般过去式,被动式。    

3. The tickets _____ when I got there.     

A. were selling out

B. had been sold out     

C. have been sold out

D. were held     

答案:B 过去的过去,过去完成时。当我到那儿这个动作发生在过去,所以在这之前票已经卖完,卖完这个动作是过去的过去发生的动作,用过去完成时。    

4. Apples _____ to be sweeter than oranges.     

A. are said

B. are being said     

C. is being said

D. were said     

答案:A 被动语态,be done 的形式。    

5. Mr.Smith _____ to Europe on a special mission.     

A. had been sending

 B. were sent     

C. is being sent

D. was sending     

答案:C 被动语态,动作正在进行,故选择C.     

6. When water is heated, it _____ into vapour.     

A. is changed

B. is changing     

C. will be changed

D. will change     

答案:D 一般将来时态。当水被加热时,将会变成水蒸气(vapour)。    

7. She _____ for what she had done.     

A. was criticized

B. is criticized     

C. is criticizing

D. is being criticized     

答案:A 她因自已的所为而受到责备。被动语态,for what 引导原因状语从句。    

8. We _____ as soon as we got there.     

A. were warmly welcome

B. were warmly welcomed     

C. would be welcome

D. are welcomed     

答案:B 被动语态,be done 形式。语境为一般过去时,故be动词用过去时。    

9. “Are Alice and Tom still living in New York?”     “No, they _____ to Dallas.”     

A. are just moved

B. have just moved     

C. had just moved

D. will just move     

答案:B 现在完成时态。说话的时候,他已搬走。    

10. I haven’t heard from Maria_____.     

A. since a long time

B. for many months ago     

C. for many months

D. since many months before     

答案:C 我已经好几个月没有Maria的消息了。现在完成时态,for引导一个时间状语。    

11. His grandfather ______ for thirty years.     

A. died

B. was dead     

C. has been dead

D. has died     

答案:C 现在完成时态。他的祖父已经去世三十年了。这里死亡表示一种状态,而不能理解为一种动作,因为死亡是一个短暂性动词,它不可能持续三十年。所以用has been dead。    

12.It’s(high)time you _____ a holiday.     

A. had

B. have     

C. will have

D. have had     

答案:A It’s(high)time(是……什么的时候了)的特殊用法,要用一般过去时。Have在句中是拥有的意思。    

13. The news _____quickly and made a stir.     

A. spread

B. spreads     

C. Spreaded

 D. was spread     

答案:A 一般过去式。消息迅速传播开并引起了轰动。Spread这个动词的过去式与过去分词是特殊的,均为:spread.故为 A.     

14. When they came to the laboratory again, the lights _____.     

A. glowed

B. were still glowing     

C. would glow

D. had glowed     

答案:B 过去进行时,Laboratory 实验室。    

15. I suddenly _____ an insect crawling up my leg.     

A. felt

B. was feeling     

C. was felt

D. was being felt     

答案:A 我突然感觉到一只虫子正爬过我的腿。这里感官动词felt为系动词,所以前面不能加系动词be。    

16. One of the guards_____ when the general came in, which made him very angry.     

A. has slept

B. were sleeping     

C. slept

D. was sleeping     

答案:D 过去进行时态。当长官进来的时候其中一个士兵在睡觉,这让他很生气。When引导的时间状态从句中,came in 用的是过去时,所以士兵正在睡觉的动作为过去进行时。    

17. Ted was so worn out that he just _____ down and slept for ten hours.     

A. lied

B. laid     

C. lay

D. had lain     

答案:C Ted(人名)太累了,以至于他一躺下来就睡了十个小时。短语so……that…… 如此……以至于…… ,lie的过去时与过去分词也是不规则的,均为:lay.     

18. I was _____ at the stop as long as thirty minutes.     

A. made waiting

B. kept waiting     

C. keeping waited

D. kept waited     

答案:B 我在车站等了三十分钟。as long as 与……一样长。I was kept waiting……可以简单理解为:我保持等待这样的状态……(有三十分钟)Keep为保持的意思。    

19. The children _____ many times not to go near the lake.     

A. have told

B. told     

C. have been told

D. were told     

答案:C 被动语态的完成时态。many times(很多次)。孩子们已经多次被告知不要走近那个湖。    

20. Our thoughts _____ by means of words.     

A. were being expressed

B. are being expressed     

C. are expressed

D. have been expressed     

答案:C 被动语态。思想是用语言来表达的。真理性的东西用一般现在时态。    

21. ______ four years since John left school.     

A. It was

B. Those are     

C. It is

D. They have been     

答案:C 自从Johny离开学校有四年时间了。    

22. By the time Juan gets home, his aunt _____ for Puerto Rico.     

A. will leave

B. leaves     

C. will have left

D. left     

答案:C 将来完成时态。Leave for 离开一个地方到另一个地方去,By the time 信号词。    23. This is a terribly heavy box.”     “ _____ help you to carry it.”     

A. I am to         

B. I will     

C. I          

D. I am going to     

答案:B 一般将来时态。will 表示一种主观意愿。    

24.All the machines _____by the end of the following week.     

A. were repaired  

B. will be repaired     

C. have been repaired  

D will have been repaired     

答案:D 将来完成时态。by the end of 到……时间为止,在此句中引导的时间状语从句为将来时间,所以是用将来时。答案BD选取哪个?机器(machines)是被修的,所以用被动语态。显然,D为正确答案。    

25.They believed that by using computers the production of their factory _____.     

A. will greatly increase

B. would greatly increase     

C. has greatly increased

D. would be greatly increased     

答案:D 他们相信通过使用计算机,工厂的生产效率将会大大地提高。这是一个表示将来的被动语态,主句中believed为谓语动词,是过去式,故从句中的将来时态为过去将来时,答案范围缩为BD。另外,工厂的生产(the production of their factory)是被提高的,所以为被动语态。由此,答案为D。    

26.No sooner had they got off train _______ it started moving .     

A. when

B. than     

C. then

D. after     

答案:B “no sooner……than……”固定短语结构,意为 “ 一……就……”,常考内容。    

27.We can do nothing unless we _____ more information.     

A. are given

B. were to be given     

C. will be given

D. were given     

答案:A unless除非,information信息,我们什么都不能做除非被给予更多的信息,这句为一般现在时的被动语态。    

28.Most environmental problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them _____taken in the past.     

A. was not

B. were not     

C. were not being

D. being not     

答案:B 被动语态的否定形式。environmental problems环境问题。    

29.The football match _____ in the afternoon.     

A. has been held

B. is being held     

C. is going to be held

D. will hold     

答案:C is going to表示将来要怎么样,相当于will,其后面的动词同样用原形足球赛将在下午举行,足球赛是被举行的,所以用被动形式be held.     

30.I’ll take down your name and address in case you _____ as a witness.     

A. will need

B.will be needed     

C. need

D. are needed     

答案:D take down记下;in case以防;witness目及者,见证人;address,住址。我将记下你的名字和住址,以备你作为一个见证人时用。一般现在时的被动语态。显示然答案为D







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